Get to Know your S.O.!

Ep. 5 - Bill Miller, Principal Trombone

September 28, 2020 Wojciech Milewski Season 1 Episode 5
Get to Know your S.O.!
Ep. 5 - Bill Miller, Principal Trombone
Show Notes

Tonight, I'm joined by the one and only SO Principal Trombone, Bill Miller!

Bill grew up in a musical home in Illinois. His father was a musician in the army band (and he played for Gen. McArthur!), and his mom was a talented marimba player. No surprise then that he desired to become band director when he grew up. Well he sure did, but he did so much more. Check out tonight's podcast to hear all about Bill's two instruments (trombone & euphonium), his open mindset that helped him in his career, his time playing for Dizzy Gillespie, his high school sweetheart Susan, and how they ended up in South Carolina. 

At the end, Bill provides us a beautiful selection of music on both of his instruments: the trombone and the baritone (Euphonium). Here is the order of pieces played for all those that are curious:

Sonatina for trombone & piano by Kazimierz Sierocki, I. Allegro (beginning)
Trombone Sonata by Paul Hindemith, II. Lied des Raufbolds (Allegro pesante), beginning
Konzertino for Trombone Solo by David Ferdinand (beginning)
From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific by H.L. Clarke
Sonata in G Major by Benedetto Marcello, II. Allegro 
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (for Solo Euphonium) by Simone Mantia (Theme & Variation 1, Finale)

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